Ordering Instructions!

Need a little help with the ordering process- this should help!

Access Code

Log in via text, email, the QR card or your child's access code. You may entire multiple access codes if there are mutliple children. Clicking a link via email or text should auto link if there is more than one child.


Choose ORDER PHOTOS and then take a look at the packages, individual products (top bar) and all photos available. Be sure to check if there are multiple galleries (sports will always have two folders of photos!)


If a package purchase is required, choose the one that best fits your needs. If a package is not required (indivdual products are not locked)  feel free to build your own package using the ala carte options!

Customize your package

Be sure to customize with your chosen images for the print sizes or number of digitals you choose and don't forget to crop the photos how you like them best!

Add ons

Digital add ons are made available to many package options. There are also ala carte items such as additional sheets or speciality items like magnets and keychains. Customize any additional items and add them to the cart.

Check out

Follow the instructions to check out. You will receive an email with any digital items before the end of the day. An account login will also be sent to check the status of any print items.

*Multiple Children

While you may view and order multiple children's photos at once- neither print nor digital packages may be combined unless the package states (Multiple Subject). The DOWNLOAD ALL option is PER child and does not include group images.


Several types of portraits will have more than one folder per child. There will be the traditional portraits in one with the package options and then the customized (memory mates) images in the Custom folder. Custom items are ONLY available as 8x10 or as digitals. There is no package purchase required for these so you may mix and match your own.