If your child’s team has selected Magic By Mande to capture sports photos, rest assured that the experience will be comfortable, friendly, and fun!

On your child's photo day, I recommend telling them it's picture day. But there’s no need to remind your child to smile, stand up tall, or keep their eyes open. (In fact, these types of instructions often make the process difficult, because the child tries to do everything perfectly instead of just being natural in front of the camera!) I will do my absolute best to get those natural, genuine smiles. I will have pose banners readily available and make the process as simple and as efficient as possible!

Dress your child in freshly laundered uniforms ensuring all pieces are accounted for. Although I may have prop balls/items to use, please be sure to bring yours, just in case. While shooting on a green screen, you will not see shoes, but there is always a chance we will use a traditional field to get a full-body photo. Dance students should be dressed as though having a dress rehearsal.


If siblings are on the same team or being photographed on the same day, I am happy to take a sibling photo. Please just let me know when it is your child's turn. Sibling photos are typically taken during the younger child's turn as they are more difficult to keep clean