Why Hire Local

There are so many big-box photography companies out there. You probably can name at least two. They are mostly fantastic, I know we probably still have their photos hanging on walls at my own parent’s house but I’d love to share with you why, instead of using them, you should hire locally!


In our community, keeping money local is important to almost everyone. Magic By Mande is now offering customizable rebate programs for fundraising and complementary products and services to meet your organization’s needs.


We know photo day plans can change with little notice, especially when children are involved. Our team can more easily adjust to necessary scheduling changes.


We make it easy for customers to reach us by phone, email, and text, so they don’t have to contact you. Virtually any problem that might arise will be resolved quickly; within hours or days, not weeks. We offer a 100% Guarantee of Customer Satisfaction on everything we do.


Mande has been photographing for over ten years. Each staff member is vaccinated,  personally vetted, and trained.  Our team members know the difference between a so-so “picture” and a quality portrait that provides a timeless, long-term memory.


Our Studio is a big, impersonal, out-of-town photography company that is here today and gone tomorrow. We have a localized presence year-long. OUR TEAM CAN’T RUN FROM MISTAKES, so they’ll do everything possible to do it right the first time. Remember, Customer Satisfaction is always guaranteed!


Revenues from our photography operations stay IN-STATE where we collect and pay sales taxes, pay business fees, and pay income taxes. We make every effort to hire local members of the community and to utilize local small businesses for all possible options!


When was the last time you recognized your photographer, she knew your name, and remembered kids from the last session? Are you able to call your photographer or the CEO, personally? Hiring locally you will get ALL these things! I pride myself in answering 90% of phone calls (unless I am in another session) and personally responding quickly to messages! My team and I make notes of any special requests year after year and ensure a smooth process each time!


Before every season, we take a look at what is offered and do our best to match it and give a little extra, like extra pose options. With our team, you are a name, not a number! By staying local, we are able to implement new styles and product options quickly and efficiently. 


Unlike other companies, our team is committed to keeping client data safe and secure. We utilize a private, password-protected portal to gain data. We will never sell or transfer Customer Data to third parties who might use it for annoying email or text advertising or telemarketing.


The team at MXM Photography is involved in the community and gives back to local charitable causes and service organizations. We feel a responsibility to support the community that provides our livelihood.