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I am Mande, a 30 something wild and free, hippie type in Wichita Falls, TX. Mom first, photographer and an entrepreneur second. By day, I am a virtual assistant to some AMAZING ladies and a homeschool mom to an amazing little boy. I also have a brand new baby girl! Maddox Kai is five. And our little Apple Dumpling (Juniper Solei) made her way Earthside, at home, on May 24th in an incredible shower of love. My incredible other half, Sharise, is constantly pushing me forward and is always willing to do what she can to help me pursue my dreams!

I love photography and have for many many years. I am completely self-taught (via youtube, following friends around, and begging people to let me practice with them). I started photographing children when I was only 20 years old and started my own business at 23 in 2012 in Aviano, Italy. Since then, I have lived (and photographed) in Idaho, Indiana and now in my own home in Wichita Falls, TX.  My love for photos and capturing memories took off and here we are today! 

 I specialize in children's portraits and primarily do daycare/preschool on location sessions. My goal as your photographer is to make you feel so comfortable, that  personality shines through. I am all about the "little things" and would much rather have a photo of my child being himself (usually a stinker) than a hammed up "CHEESE".   As your photographer, I attempt to give you the same. (Though you will get the classically posed photos as well!)

I am all about fun and much more inclined to do a crazy, messy mud fight in the rain over the traditional sit-down and pose at the park shoots, of course, I wouldn't say no if that's your style! 


Need to contact me? 

Mande Wickham  |  Wichita Falls, TX​ Photographer  |  (208) 371 - 3115

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