MXM Photography INC, previously known as Magic By Mande, was started by Mande as a dream of avoiding an 8-5 workday and daycare. Mande was a single mom and wanted to spend as much time with her toddler as possible. She absolutely fell in love with children in the volume setting! The company has largely expanded since the days of three daycares every quarter to the point we are now able to take entire youth sports leagues, and school districts and speak at conferences to share what we know.
Now, we are a family based company, Emmaline is the main photographer. She enjoys cutting up with the older kids. While Mande is usually running the show and acting goofy as the preschoolers and elementary students respond better to her. Mande answers all phone calls, the majority of emails and hand builds EVERY team photographed. Zoe is often behind the scenes processing the preschool images we photograph. Noah is a rockstar 17 year old working on his second year of college. Sarah and Maddox are occasionally seen helping with setups, teardowns, and posing. Michael, Oliver, Scarlett, and Juniper are often the faces on our posters and marketing materials. We have a handful of local photographers, now friends, who work alongside us when a job is too large for just us two. We are able to employ a single mom of three, a nursing student, and a high school student with a drive to rival my own. When you work with us, you’re not lining the pockets of a CEO. You’re helping pay for college, dance classes, birthday parties, and summer camp. We thank you for your continued support and for helping us grow!

Why Hire Local

There are so many big-box photography companies out there. You probably can name at least two. They are mostly fantastic, I know we probably still have their photos hanging on walls at our own parents’ house but we’d love to share with you why, instead of using them, you should hire locally!


When was the last time you recognized your photographer, she knew your name, and remembered kids from the last session? Are you able to call your photographer or the CEO, personally? Hiring locally you will get ALL these things! I pride myself in answering 90% of phone calls (unless I am in another session) and personally responding quickly to messages! My team and I make notes of any special requests year after year and ensure a smooth process each time!


We know photo day plans can change with little notice, especially when children are involved. Our team can more easily adjust to necessary scheduling changes.


We make it easy for customers to reach us by phone, email, and text, so they don’t have to contact you. Virtually any problem that might arise will be resolved quickly; within hours or days, not weeks. We offer a 100% Guarantee of Customer Satisfaction on everything we do.


Before every season, we take a look at what is offered and do our best to match it and give a little extra, like extra pose options. With our team, you are a name, not a number! By staying local, we are able to implement new styles and product options quickly and efficiently. 


In our community, keeping money local is important to almost everyone. MXM Photography is now offering customizable rebate programs for fundraising and complementary products and services to meet your organization’s needs.


Our Studio is a big, impersonal, out-of-town photography company that is here today and gone tomorrow. We have a localized presence year-long. OUR TEAM CAN’T RUN FROM MISTAKES, so they’ll do everything possible to do it right the first time. Remember, Customer Satisfaction is always guaranteed!


Revenues from our photography operations stay IN-STATE where we collect and pay sales taxes, pay business fees, and pay income taxes. We make every effort to hire local members of the community and to utilize local small businesses for all possible options!


Mande has been photographing for over ten years. Each staff member is personally vetted, and trained.  Our team members know the difference between a so-so “picture” and a quality portrait that provides a timeless, long-term memory.


Unlike other companies, our team is committed to keeping client data safe and secure. We utilize a private, password-protected portal to gain data. We will never sell or transfer Customer Data to third parties who might use it for annoying email or text advertising or telemarketing.


The team at MXM Photography is involved in the community and gives back to local charitable causes and service organizations. We feel a responsibility to support the community that provides our livelihood.

Caleb Villa – Photography/Videography

Caleb Villa – Event & Wedding Videography
FB: thevfamilystudio
IG: imcalebvilla

Just Jess Photography

Jessica Herring – Lifestyle families & children
FB: justjesspics
IG: @justjessphoto

M. Weatherred Photography

McKenzie Weatherred – Boudoir, weddings + couples, family

Snap & Refocus

Amber O’Brien- “In The Box”, families, milestone, seniors

FB: SnapRefocus

BC Photography

Blair Cornelius – Families, couples & milestones

FB: BlairCorneliusPhotography

Marissa Payne Photography

Marissa Payne – In home newborns, family & milestones

FB: marissaphoto
IG: @m

Kaja Salsman Photography

Kaja Salsman – Boudoir, families, maternity, Fresh48, couples, weddings/elopements, headshots
FB: kajasalsmanphotos

Julia M. Photography

Julia Lamberth – Commercial, portrait, wedding, family photographer
FB: juliamphotography
IG: @julialamberth

Astone Photography & Design

Alex Taylor – Weddings, boudoir & branding
FB: astonedesignetc

Lauren Pinson Photography

Lauren Pinson- Weddings, Families, Commercial
IG: laurenpinsonweddings
FB: LaurenPinsonPhotography

Participation is Simple!

Have Questions?

Contact Mande or check out the Frequently Asked Questions page.

If your child’s organization is looking for a photographer (or if you think they SHOULD be looking for a photographer), you’re invited to participate in the Magic By Mande Parent Ambassador Program! It’s easy, it’s completely free, and there’s something in it for YOU.

Share the organization’s name and location

Contact Magic By Mande with the details. Tell me about the organization- sports team, daycare, dance studio, school- and the person to best reach out to.

Give the custom presentation folder to the director

You’ll receive a custom magazine, filled with information about my portraits, sample photos, and details about the process and benefits to parents (and the organization).  Give the information to the point of contact. Explain to him or her why you (and other parents) would like portraits taken by me. Point out the things that impressed you or the reasons these photos are different.

Earn free photos of your child when the organization books

I will reach out to them and take it from there! When the organization has booked (either for this school year OR next school year), you’re thanked for your referral with a free package or digital images

Need a little help with the ordering process- this should help!

Log in via text, email, the QR card, or your child’s access code. You may entire multiple access codes if there are multiple children.

Choose MY PHOTOS and then take a look at all your beautiful images! Packages, digitals, ala carte options are available either immediately or after you’ve selected your favorite images.

Packages are not required (individual products are not locked). Though they do offer a slight discount,  feel free to click products and build your own package using the ala carte options! Packages, including digitals, may not be split among subjects. Ala carte may be the best option if you just want a few.

Be sure to customize with your chosen images for the print sizes or the number of digitals you choose and DON’T FORGET TO CROP the photos how you like them best!

Add ons are made available to many package options. There are also ala carte items such as additional sheets or specialty items like magnets and keychains. Customize any additional items and add them to the cart.

Follow the instructions to check out. Be sure to TYPE IN your coupon code as it is no longer auto-generated. You will receive an email with any digital items before the end of the day. An account login will also be sent to check the status of any print items.

While you may view and order multiple children’s photos at once- neither print nor digital packages may be combined. The DOWNLOAD ALL option is PER child and does not include group images.